The Alumni Association and the Chapter Council are seeking qualified volunteers willing to help.  The Alumni Association is a volunteer committee.  We are looking for volunteers who are willing to serve as Directors on the Alumni Association in the following areas:

  • Communication & Social Media
  • Real Estate & General Contracting
  • Architecture & Landscape Architecture

The Chapter Council model is the evolution of the Chapter Advisory Team concept introduced in the 1990s. It was included in the national constitution at Grand Chapter 2006. The Grand Chapter Advisor is the chair of the Chapter Council. The Chapter Council owns responsibility for coaching, mentoring, and guiding the undergraduate officers. Fundraising, alumni programming/networking, and asset ownership remains the responsibility of the Alumni Association and/or House Corporation. This eliminates direct linkages between the undergraduates and alumni assets, thereby limiting liability and reducing risk.

A Chapter Council's primary role is to advise and mentor the undergraduate officers by providing a mature perspective to the undergraduate chapter. Other general duties and responsibilities of the Chapter Council are:

  • To help the chapter achieve maximum self-sufficiency.
  • To provide the Chapter with continuity, understand the Chapter's dynamics, and to adjust its approach to fit the ever-changing conditions.
  • To be familiar with the Fraternity's best practices of chapter operations and the Ritual of Alpha Sigma Phi.
  • To appoint or remove members of the Chapter Council by a majority vote with the Grand Chapter Advisor holding the tie-breaking vote.
  • To enforce, maintain, and regulate itself with respect to judicial laws, national policies, acceptable attendance and preparation for meetings, long range planning principles, and respect of roles.
  • To not allow an officer, individual, or committee of the Chapter Council to hinder or be an excuse for not fulfilling its commitments.

The Chapter Council is seeking volunteers for the following positions:

  • Recruitment Advisor: advises the Recruitment Director
  • Parent/Family Ambassador: advises the Family Relations Director
  • Membership Education Advisor: advises the Membership Education Director
  • Service/Philanthropy Advisor: advises the Service Director and the Philanthropy Director
  • Financial Advisor: advises the Treasurer and Fundraising Director
  • Ritual Advisor: advises the Marshal
  • Brotherhood Development Advisor: advises the Brotherhood Development Director
  • Scholarship Advisor: advises the Scholarship Director
  • Standards Advisor: advises the Sergeant-at-Arms, Risk Management Director, and Social Director
  • Faculty Advisor: liaison to university